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"Great discoveries and improvements invariably involve the cooperation of many minds."  - Alexander Graham Bell



Massachusetts Coalition for Applied Behavior Analysis Service providers (MassCAP) has a mission to protect the integrity, quality, and sustainability of ABA services that reflect evidence-based practices in Massachusetts through legislative, regulatory, budgetary, and educational initiatives.

MassCAP is a Chapter 180, non-profit corporation that represents the targeted interests of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) service provider companies and programs in Massachusetts.  Unlike other professional organizations in the Commonwealth, we are a trade organization whose members are exclusively ABA companies and programs, and not individual members.  Our members are companies tasked with the unique responsibility of employing qualified clinicians, and serving consumers of our services, to a standard commensurate with our credentialing bodies. Membership in this coalition is open to all eligible entities with one or more persons operating a company or program providing ABA services by qualified professionals.  

MassCAP has been in development since 2016, and was incorporated May 5th 2017. The coalition emerged as a result of shared interests of many ABA companies, and its culmination is a product of a collaborative approach.  MassCAP greatly values the role other professional organizations have played and continue to play, both in MA and nationally. We look forward to coordinating and collaborating with other professional organizations on matters of shared concern.

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