MassCAP will work to ensure that state and federal legislation and regulations support sustainable ABA services in line with leading industry standards.  We will participate in the development and adoption of policies by funders and 3rd party payors in the same regard.  

In order to accomplish these goals MassCAP will:  

  • Monitor and keep members apprised of related legislation being filed that would affect ABA service delivery in MA. We will advance new legislation and regulations as needed in the same vein. Click here for an update of current legislation. 
  • Monitor and work to ensure that policies by major funders in the MA market are in compliance with all applicable laws, and not preclusive of evidence-based best practices. 
  • Work to raise awareness of (1) ABA, (2) practice issues, and (3) the professionalism of the field.
  • Take a collaborative approach, with a plan to work with our advisory board, our board of directors, our members, our lobbying team, our legal team, legislative leaders, funders, other professional organizations with shared goals, and the media, all as applicable to each situation, to accomplish our goals.