Membership in MassCAP is open to all entities with one or more persons operating a company or program providing ABA services by qualified professionals. Each entity will be entitled to one membership, but may designate multiple representatives. Dues shall be based on company size, and shall be due upon enrollment and annually thereafter. Dues may be paid on a monthly, semiannual, or annual basis. The membership categories and associated fees are:

Class Size Monthly/Annual Dues
Small company membership Entities with 4 or fewer full time equivalent LABAs or BCBAs

$50/month, $600/year*

Medium company membership Entities with 5 to 10 full time equivalent LABAs or BCBAs

$200/month, $2400/year*

Large company membership Entities with 11 or more full time equivalent LABAs or BCBAs $350/month, $4200/year*









*Members paying the entire year’s dues upon enrollment will receive 2 months off their annual dues. Members paying annual dues in two 6-month payments will receive 1 month off their annual dues. These advanced dues will be helpful in covering costs associated with establishing the organization.

** Rates listed are current as of April 2017 and are subject to change pending approval by the Board of Directors of MassCAP; any rate increase will take effect at the member’s renewal

*** Full time is considered the equivalent of 40 hours/week across clinical and administrative responsibilities. So, a BCBA contracted to provide 25 billable hours who is also expected to drive to clients and complete paper work on their own time would qualify as a FT BCBA. Similarly, a FT salaried BCBA administrator providing no billable hours would also qualify.

Electronic payment may be set up through the website, and is the preferred method of payment. Members electing to pay via check should make the check payable to Massachusetts Coalition for Applied Behavior Analysis Providers, Inc. Checks may be mailed to 10 Gill St., Suite J, Woburn, MA 01801.

Members are considered active and in good standing provided they: (i) comply with bylaws and policies of MassCAP, (ii) are not in violation of any rules, regulations or policies of the Professional and Ethical Compliance Code of the Behavior Analyst Certification Board or the Massachusetts Board of Registration of Allied Mental Health and Human Services Professionals, and (iii) are current on dues payments.

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