We have a lot of events coming up in the next several months.  Our Upcoming Events page will have the most recent upcoming event listed, including registration information.

Member Meetings

  • October 22: 5-7 pm - Autism Allies in Shrewsbury, MA

Webinars (2nd Monday each month at noon):

**Please note that our webinar schedule has changed.  We will defer to the CPT Steering Committee's presentations and resource guides as the primary source of information related to the code changes.  Therefore, we are rescheduling our September webinar on Contracting With Insurers until after all supplemental materials related to the code change have been disseminated.

  • September: MassHealth Part 1: The Basics


  • October: Comprehensive Treatment Plans


  • November: Management - Managing BTs and BCBAs


  • December: Billing Q&A Troubleshooting Billing Errors and Denials


Special Events:

  • This Fall TBD:
    • Small business providers training on “Factors to consider in determining, evaluating, and managing operational costs