MassCAP is pleased to share that we are co-sponsoring a free Professional Practice Series with the Berkshire Association for Behavior Analysis and Therapy (BABAT) and the National Coalition for Access to Autism Services (NCAAS).  


Event Coordinator – Ashley L. Williams, BABAT Professional Practice Committee Assistant Director

Hosted by Professional Practice Chair/BABAT Board Member, Brandon Herscovitch


Workshop 1


                This workshop provides attendees with a detailed description of the American Medical Association’s CPT codes, used for billing ABA services. Attendees will understand what is billable and non-billable under the CPT codes, when to use each code and how these codes differ from the HCPCS codes. General considerations will be discussed with regard to valuing CPT and HCPCS billing code sets, considering practice expenses, and practice fee schedules, within the constraints of relevant antitrust laws. An update will also be provided on proposed revisions and amendments to the current CPT codes.


Workshop 2

A Comprehensive Look at Authorizations, Appeals, & Peer Reviews  – JULIE KORNACK, ASHLEY WILLIAMS, THEA DAVIS, BRANDON HERSCOVITCH, CATHY BOOTH

                In this workshop, attendees will be guided through the authorization and appeals processes.    

Attendees will be exposed to state and federal laws that all clinicians should be aware of that guide and support clinical recommendations, continuity of services, and access to care for the populations served. This workshop provides an emphasis on creating internal processes and procedures to lend support to clinician’s recommendations for service delivery based on medical necessity. Attendees will be provided with guidance on submitting authorizations and appeals, preparing for and holding a utilization/peer reviews, holding external reviews, and contacting relevant representatives when violations occur. Common reasons for denial of services and recommendations for generating support for these services will be a focus of this workshop (i.e., insurance-funded services in schools, role of parent training, location of services, services that are “educational” in nature).


Professional Practice Series – THURSDAY/FRIDAY


Town Hall – Impact of the Affordable Care Act & Proposed Changes to ACA on Services for Individuals with Autism


In this “Town Hall”, panelists will discuss the impact that the rollout of the Affordable Care Act has had on services in New England and throughout the United States. Panelists will answer questions to provide the audience with an understanding of proposed changes to the ACA, how these changes impact State and Federal funding for ABA services for children and adults with autism, and the impact that these changes will have on clinical service delivery.


Chair – Brandon Herscovitch

Moderator – Ashley L. Williams


  • Julie Kornack
  • Dan Unumb
  • Lorri Unumb